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Regal VT Shine Titanium Mirrored Flat Iron

Regal VT Shine Titanium Mirrored Flat Iron


Best for heavy thick curly hair with high porosity as well as Keratin Treatments.

  • Features & Benefits

    Cool tip, thumb and grip control pad, pivoting swivel power cord, super smooth mirrored titanium plates, click switch for desired temperature settings and a vibrating option designed for better product penetration during keratin process. 

  • How to Use

    Getting Started

    Plug RegalVTShine styling iron into the appropriate power outlet.

    Power On-Off Switch, hold Power On-Off Switch for 3 seconds and select desired temperature with rocker +/- switch.

    5 Pre-Programmed Digital Temperature Settings:

    470˚F – Keratin/Treat
    430˚F – Coarse Hair
    390˚F – Medium Hair
    350˚F – Fine Hair
    310˚F – Delicate Hair


    Take small sections of dry or slightly damp hair, place hair between paddles, gently clamp and draw through hair from base to ends in one continual motion.


    Same as above but rotate iron one quarter turn (90 degrees). While hair is wrapped around beveled edge plates and casing, draw through hair in smooth continual motion to create curl or flip ends.

    After Using

    Hold Power On-Off Switch for 3 second to turn off. Unplug the iron from the power outlet. Allow to cool completely before storing. If styling products were used, wipe the cool plates with a soft cotton cloth.

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