Sensei Fixed Toughblade Deluxe Shear

Sensei Fixed Toughblade Deluxe Shear


SENSEI introduces the all new GSC ToughBlade™ These shears are the ideal upgrade for anyone who has been cutting with a GSC.  Everything about them has been upgraded.  The steel is our Toughblade™ steel.  An all new ultra pure combination of Cobalt, Molybdenum and Vanadium tool steel.  They have a three year warranty on the cutting edge!  The blades take advantage of our new SoftCut geometry and finish. They pivot on our Patent Pending Ball Bearing Zero Gravity Tension system. They also feature Ultra Wide  Polymer Inlays in the pivot eliminating even more metal to metal contact.. The Crane and Rotating Crane handles have the hand made sculpted feel, SENSEI users have come to appreciate.

All Sensei shears come with a case.

  • Features & Benefits

    Molybdenum Alloy: This proprietary blend of materials allows us to harden the material to a higher level without it becoming brittle. This together with our Cryogenic Tempering is much more durable than cobalt alloys other brands use. We offer a 1 year edge warranty on shears made from this material.

    Polymer Glide

    Removable Rest

    Seamless Blender: Sensei’s modern thinning/blending shear. Leaves no cutting marks at all and can be combed out with the blades closed with zero drag or pulling.

    Cryo Tempering

    Anatomic Thumb: Allows a wide range of thumb approach.

    Leaf Spring Tensioning: This system is found on many shears. It adds a leaf spring below the tension dial, which spreads the tension out lengthwise in the pivot of the shear. This system can extend the life of the edge by stabilizing the blades causing a more evenly distributed wear pattern.

    Convex Edge: This type of hair shear blade design is extremely powerful and facilitates smooth and sharp cutting. As the outer face of the blade is curved, this blade type is especially suitable for slide cutting and allows for more advanced cutting techniques to be used. The sharper angle of the cutting edge on a convex hair shear makes them cut smoother and stay sharp longer. Due to these attributes, this blade type is harder to make than others, so professional hairdressing shears with convex edges are usually more expensive than a comparable beveled shear.

    Japanese Steel

  • Options

    The Sensei GSC Toughblade is available in your choice of:

    5.5 inch, right hand (left coming soon)

    6 inch, right hand (left coming soon)

    7 inch, right hand (left coming soon)