REF Permanent Colour Boosters

REF Permanent Colour Boosters


REF vegan permanent hair color limits the amounts of chemicals used in the production of its products, adding natural ingredients to enhance condition, shine and durability to our colouring system.  

  • Product Size

    Available in:
    100ml / 3.38 fl.oz.

  • Features & Benefits

    Our boosters are pure color tones, used to add extra tonal intensity to any REF color to boost or correct the tone.  The lighter the shade, the less booster is needed.

    The use of high quality colour molecules guarantees excellent penetration and a low ammonia concentration for brilliant and long lasting colour.

    The restorative action is supplied by anti-oxidizing vitamin liposomes capable of denoting refreshed elasticity and body to the hair.

    Aloe Vera

    • Healing and moisturizing
    • Helps soothe the scalp
    • Softens hair and scalp
    • Speeds the healing process
    • Relieves itching
    • Kills bacteria

    Anti-Aging Formula and Low Ammonia

    • Contains the protective antioxidant
      Thermus Thermophilus
    • Less than 2% ammonia content
    • Gentler, diluted form of ammonia

    Quinoa Protein

    • Essential amino acids
    • Strengthens the hair
    • Repairs and protects
    • Adds shine
    • Conditioning properties
    • Plant-based protein
    • 100% Vegan
    • Dermatologist tested
  • Mixing Ratio

    Permanent Colour Mixing Ratio

    1 part colour cream to 1.5 part developer

    (Ex: 50g + 75g developer)

    See REF Colour Manual for more information