BES HiFi Reds II Permanent Hair Color

BES HiFi Reds II Permanent Hair Color


BES HI-FI HAIR COLOR arises from the desire to formulate an ultra natural, dynamic, luminous and vibrant hair color, always with the main goal to create an healthy and absolute respectful product for the hair and for the scalp.

HI-FI HAIR COLOR provides all the shades and reflections that the stylist can desire. The formulation is able to embellish the color with lights and contrasts and delicate facets. From natural colors to tobacco shades, from vibrant reds to delicate violets, from bright mahogany copper to harmonious golden beige,


HI-FI HAIR COLOR guarantees an excellent natural coverage, shine and movement of color, preserving the physiological and structural balance of the hair in full sweetness.

  • Product Size

    Available in:
    3.5 fl.oz.

  • Features & Benefits

    The carrier base is a cream with a cosmetic appearance. It is soft and fluid, easy to mix with the developer to form a new
    emulsion, easy to apply, adherent on the hair and easy to rinse. During the application it diffuses a pleasant fruity fragrance.

    The cosmetic cream of BES HI-FI HAIR COLOR consists of two phases: a fat phase (oils-waxes) and an aqueous phase, perfectly mixed together. This emulsion is able to contain liposomes, coloring pigments and plant extracts, conveying and carrying them inside the hair.

    BES BEAUTY & SCIENCE, in the formulation of HI-FI HAIR COLOR, has studied with important companies producing raw materials, new and particular molecules that, properly dosed and inserted inside the emulsion, do not attack the hair, do not impoverish it but rather they go to rebalance the hydro-lipidic film of the hair. Natural beeswax is fundamental for the spreadability of the cream, for its elasticity, for its grip on the hair and for its softness, it also enhances the brightness and the luminosity of the color.

    The coloring pigments contained in HI-FI HAIR COLOR are defined as “oxidation pigments” as they are colorless or weakly colored compounds that through the oxidation process undergo chromatic activation, becoming true coloring pigments. The coloring pigments, the natural melanins of the hair and other substances present in it, will form the definitive color, full of reflections and chromatic variations. This concept makes the HI-FI HAIR COLOR a unique color, because the pigments do not suffocate the melanins but rather embrace them and form with them the final color with infinite shades. Moreover, the fact of anchoring to the melanins means that the coloring pigment remains longer inside the hair, preventing an early loss of color or some color fading.

    In BES HI-FI HAIR COLOR the dosage of ammonia has been reduced to a minimum in order to obtain a lower aggressiveness and a low sensitization on skin and hair while reaching the specific lightening power desired. The specific formulation of HI-FI HAIR COLOR causes the ammonia to act by lightening the melanins before the coloring intermediates are formed. This makes the color brighter and more brilliant.

    The correct balance between the quantity and the dimensions of the coloring intermediates, allows to obtain a complete coverage of the white hair without darkening the color but keeping it bright and natural.

    The use of hydrolyzed wheat proteins allows us to bring fundamental functional benefits to the structure of the hair, guaranteeing a longer lasting color. HI-FI HAIR COLOR, is not a progressive color. If the color is left on for a longer time than the one indicated, no problem occurs.

    The presence of 6 vegetal liposomes allows the BES HI-FI HAIR COLOR to convey the pigments and the active substances contained in them directly inside the hair, exerting multiple beneficial and protective actions.

    D-Panthenol (Vit. B5) thanks to its properties, performs a nourishing, conditioning and supporting action on the external appearance of the hair, giving it balance and softness.

    VEGETAL LIPOSOMAS are able to transport and convey the coloring pigments, the natural extracts and the active ingredients inside the hair.
    Liposomes, thanks to their capacity, are able to carry hydrophilic and lipophilic substances inside the hair, without damaging it. They are “carriers” that, once in contact with the hair, flatten down covering the widest possible surface. This vast contact area promotes maximum penetration of active substances and coloring pigments.
    This Advanced and Natural Technology is capable of carrying pigments deep into the hair cortex in a natural way that enriches the hair structure without damaging it.
    The surface of the liposome has a high affinity for the surface of the hair. For this reason they can easily interact and penetrate inside the cortex where they can release the coloring pigments and the active substances.

    Vegetal liposomes derive from the following plant species and they carry the active substances contained therein in addition to the coloring pigments.


    Wheat is particularly rich in vitamin E; it also has a good content of vitamin A, B vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids; all qualities that make it a perfect natural product for hair beauty. From the wheat a protein hydrolyzate is obtained which has a high affinity with the hair. This ensures that a protein film is created along the entire cuticular surface. This film begins to form during the terminal phase of the coloring process, in order to allow the liposomes to enter the hair and release the coloring pigments and other active substances. The protein film that is created seals the hair and closes the cuticular scales with the lowering of the pH, keeping the coloring pigments inside and prolonging the maintenance of the color.