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Blue Sky Beauty offers an array of carefully curated, boutique-style professional hair and skincare products for stylist and salons who want to offer their clients clean, vegan professional brands not available in big box retailers.

We proudly serve professional stylists and salons in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

professional hair care products for salons

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REF Stockholm is a professional hair care, hair color and skin care brand created using prestigious quality products that professionals want to work with.

Created in 2004, REF Stockholm offers a collection of sustainable products that are cruelty free and vegan.

REF Stockholm offers salon owners & stylists the tools to boost creativity and simplify the work for a natural result with an amazing finish.


mr & mrs


It's always tan-o'clock somewhere.

Mr. & Mrs. Tannie offer the ultimate self tanning products for home use with a professional finish. Poolside Ready is a vegan collection of gradual self tanning product and is suitable for everyone, whether you're looking for a soft subtle glow or want to be sunkissed to perfection, all streak-free and vegan.

We invite you to a modern world with a vintage twist, right by the poolside with Mr. & Mrs. Tannie.

Mr & Mrs Tannie
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Zenagen is an award-winning professional hair care brand sold exclusively through the finest salon partners and distributors around the world, helping those with thinning or loss of hair. 

Most topical hair loss products contain harsh chemicals and reach only the shallow epidermal layer of the scalp, without addressing the root cause of hair loss. Zenagen does things differently, tapping into the power of green tea and other powerful anti-aging ingredients—not harsh irritants—to create a powerful, nutraceutical-based hair loss solution.


Zenagen formulas are the result of years of nutraceutical research and product development and feature efficacious ingredients proven to address the root cause of hair loss.


Cezanne is a healthy, 100% formaldehyde-free option of Keratin Treatments. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, Cezanne treatments are non-toxic, naturally safe and won't irritate the scalp or release any noxious gases.


Cezanne strengthens the hair using a revolutionary low pH technology that restores bonds that are broken or damaged during thermal, mechanical or high pH services.

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Beauty & Science

Sustainability and health have been at the forefront of their core beliefs since before it was trendy.

Cut to color, from geometry to fashion trends, BES Beauty & Science offers a wide variety of professional color, Keratin and hair care products for salons and stylists.


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KeraCoffee Straighting System contains an exclusive green complex that acts on the hair, protecting the lipid layer, preventing exposure to external moisture, strengthening the hair fibers, smoothing the curls and deeply nourishing them.  It significantly reduces the volume and adds an extreme shine to the hair. 

This vegan product is 100% Formaldehyde free made from Organic coffee beans

professional keratin treatement
Professional hair cutting tools

Sensei shears

Meet Sensei Shears, the highest quality hair shears and the last brand you'll ever need. Their product design, ergonomic style and 1st class material are built for remarkable results every time. 

Sensei Shears are made with a cutting-edge, zero gravity tension system which prevents hair folding and inefficient cutting, and developed with cryogenic tempering making cutting edges exponentially more durable.